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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's in My Hospital Bag? | Kayla

Baby number two will soon be here! I am 37 weeks along (since Saturday 4/26). I was pretty excited to actually pack a hospital bag this time around. With Addie being 4 and 1/2 weeks early, I hadn't actually packed a hospital bag yet. I've been working on this one for a few weeks already now, to be sure it was ready. Here is what I came up with.
CLICK HERE to visit my hospital bag post to download and print the checklist!
Mommy's Bag:
1. Nursing Cover 
handy for when visitor's are in the room
2. Boppy Pillow (Comfort and Harmony Mombo from Target)
I didn't have this last time, but I think it may come in handy for when trying to nurse baby in the hospital bed.
3. Water Bottle
4. Camera and charger
Nikon D3200 - would be so sad to forget this!
5. Nursing bra and nursing tanktop
-I did a DIY Nursing tank top from my all time favorite stretch tank tops from Ross. (DIY post to come)
6. Heat bag 
this thing is so amazing, I use it now all the time, when my back is bothering me,
you can buy your own HERE!
7. Essential Toiletries 
This kit from Target includes everything you'll need and it was only 6 dollars. You can find it in the travel size toiletries section.
-razor/shaving gel
8. Basic Makeup, Hair Ties, Headband
-light weight BB cream
-eye liner
9. Cell Phone and charger 
Obviously don't want to forget this! :)
10. **Not Pictured**
-Comfy P.J's
-Comfy going home outfit
-Hairbrush/hair dryer
-Socks/flip flops
Now onto baby's bag!
Green and Gray Bag from Walmart (Similar HERE) - Car seat Comfy Handle Cushion
Baby's Bag:
1. Infant Carseat
-Urbini (black/gray) carseat from Walmart (see my full review HERE)
2. Burp Cloths / Binky
-DIY Burp cloths tutorial HERE
3. Extra Diapers
4. Wet Bag (with wipes/diaper cream)
-I found this wet bag at Walmart for only $3.00! It is meant for a wet bikini, but will be great to have for soiled clothes/burp cloths ect. while out and about.
5. One Piece Sailboat Sleep&Play Outfit
Just One You Made by Carter's from Target - Sleep&Play One Piece
6. Baby Socks x2
7. Going home Outfit
Whale two piece outfit - Ross
8. White onesies (x4)
9. Comfy P.J's
Just One You Made by Carter's from Target- Sleep&Play Elephant Family
10. Aden & Anais Musslin Swaddle Blankets
style - Jungle Jam (got these when they were on sale for $31.00 from Amazon)
*Not Pictured*
-Soft Hat (x2)
-extra blanket
....and of course this little guy!
Thank you for stopping by! Anything i'm missing? Please let me know. This pregnancy brain of mine is ridiculous, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was forgetting something important :)
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  1. This might sound silly... but I always like to pack a bath towel (i've delivered at 2 different hospitals) and both times their bath towels are SO ROUGH from over bleaching. Which, is a good thing, I guess :) I also like to pack a roll of toilet paper. The hospital's single-ply sandpaper is never fun trying to use on tender areas. Oh! And nail clippers/file for baby! Sometimes those little ones come out with daggers and the hospital won't clip them or have anything to use. I'll be packing my 3rd hospital bag in a few weeks!! Your list will give me a great place to start! Thank you! Good luck and cherish every moment!

    1. Good call! The toilet paper sounds like a great idea, I do remember the toilet paper being rough. I do have a baby clippers and file in the diaper bag, that I forgot was already in there. Thanks so much for your suggestions. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, as well! :)

  2. Haha... you should have seen all of the crazy stuff I brought that I did not use! All I wanted was a beer. A cold strong IPA for when it was over... instead I had bags upon bags of stress relieving, calming items that I never used! I love what you listed, it is perfect! I would love for you the share with us over at Link it Or Lump it!

    1. haha, oh no! I guess I avoided that with my first coming early, otherwise I'm sure I would have been in the same boat. Thank you for stopping by and saying hi, we'll be sure to stop by and link up. Have a great week!



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