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Monday, April 14, 2014

Loving our #Urbini Touri Travel System! #MC #Sponsored

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Urbini. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.” All opinions and thoughts are my own.

As a mom of an 18 month old and soon, a newborn, an absolute necessity is the best travel system. We've recently discovered the Urbini Touri Travel System sold at Walmart. This system comes with a lightweight, compact stroller and infant car seat. 
    The Urbini Touri baby stroller has been great for us. Once we got it, I had my husband assemble it, which was super fast and easy. Of course, like most men, he didn't use the instruction booklet ;) but didn't have any trouble setting it up. The stroller is lightweight, which is perfect, when I have about a million other things to carry. It is easy to unfold, however, I have to admit the second time I unfolded it I had forgotten how to do it. This was quite humorous actually. Picture this, Kenzie, Adeline, and myself were in the TJmax parking lot trying to remember how to open the stroller. Mind you, we are two very obviously pregnant women (pregnancy brain got the best of us!!) We had Addie in the open truck of the car, and I'm down on my knees pushing buttons and Kenzie is holding up the stroller, and watching Addie. Lol. Anyway, within a few minutes we figured out the obvious way to open the stroller. It was pretty funny. 
     The stroller is compact, which is nice, another feature I like is the height of the handle for whoever is pushing the stroller. I have found that some stroller handles are low and I feel like I'm hunching over, while pushing it. Not with the Urbini, it is the perfect height for me. Another plus of the stroller is the cup holder, however, I have had a few issues with it not staying in place, making me feel like my drink is going to fall out. The underneath basket is nice for carrying your purse or other small items while on the go. It's not huge, but because it is a compact stroller, that's to be expected. The seat also has a multi-position reclining feature which is great for times when baby gets tired and needs a little nap. It doesn't lay back totally flat, but it does recline enough to give a comfortable place to catch a few Z's. 
    I am loving the car seat part of the travel system, as well. It too, is light weight. The material is nice and I am excited we purchased the black version of the travel system. (It also comes in blue, red, pink, and green) I feel like it won't get as dirty, or at least won't be as visible :) Here is the "blue" version:
The carseat is great also, because the weight limit is up to 35lbs (4-35lbs), and up to 35'' tall. The car seat is easy to use/install. I haven't actually "used" the car seat, but practiced installing it for when our baby boy arrives. 
     My overall experience using the Urbini Touri Travel system was positive and I am excited to continue to use it consistently in our busy schedule and upcoming summer months! This system gives you the flexibility to travel comfortably with your baby and at a price of only 149, you get a GREAT deal. Here is a link to other reviews of this product, including my own.

To explore more of the awesome Urbini products visit their Facebook or Twitter page!

If you're looking for a travel system, hopefully this post and review of this product was helpful for you. Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon :)

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