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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Simon's 11 Month Update

A little late to posting this, and I completely missed his 10 month update. Simon has grown leaps and bounds over the last few weeks! The last update I did was when Simon was 9 months old. Since then  a lot has changed. So let's jump right in...
Simon weighs just under 21 pounds, I don't remember how tall he is. His next doctor appointment is his 1 year check up! AHH! I can't believe that.
Sleeping has been pretty good overall. He usually takes two naps a day, sometimes just one. It all depends on what errands we run that day. A morning nap between 10-11, for about an hour. Then an afternoon nap around 3/4 for about an hour. Sometimes he is just not about that nap time life and will skip his afternoon nap. We all suffer! haha. Simon goes to bed at 8:30 and will wake up just once in the night to nurse, then goes back to bed. It will either be around 3 or sometimes he doesn't wake up til about 5 then goes back to sleep til about 730/8am and wakes up for the day.
We've definitely got an eater on our hands. His breastfeeding schedule has definitely slowed down. He usually nurses about 6 times in a 24 period. Usually about 8am, 11am, 3pm, 6 (sometimes skips this one), and 830 for bed. He also eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us when we eat, and a snack here and there.
Well, we have a walker! So there is that. He started taking a few steps around 10.5 months and is walking all the time now, and prefers it to crawling. That is the biggest milestone in the last two months for sure. He doesn't really say any words yet, besides mama, dada, and I think he tries to say night night. But that's about it. He also gives high fives and kisses, which is adorable!
He has a lot of new teeth! He now has 4 on top and two on bottom, which is so crazy to me! Adeline was just getting her first tooth at this age.
His first haircut also happened! It was bittersweet, but his hair looks much better now and he did a great job.
He also had his first major injury! :( Simon dove off the couch and fractured his wrist! Poor baby, I felt so bad for him. He had to wear a splint for two weeks, but that is now off and he is back to using that wrist.
These two are quite the pair. I love that they are already so close! They love hanging out with each other and just being together. Simon a lot of the time thinks she is playing with him, when in reality she is just trying to get away from him! Hah. They've started to actually play together, today they were throwing and rolling the ball back and forth! I hope they stay the bestest of friends. Don't worry, I know hard times are ahead, but I can dream, right? :)
 We love this little guy and can't believe he is already almost one! It just seems like yesterday that he was born, time is sure flying by!
Have a great evening! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Benjamin's 9 Month Update

Hey everyone! I can't believe it has been so long since we've posted anything! I'm so sorry. We've been working hard starting our new little business, Orchardbaby Boutique. Things have been going pretty well, but definitely takes up the small amount of free time we have. 
I thought I would pop on here and do an update on little mister Benjamin. He turned 9 months on April 10th, so I'm not too far behind. He just had his check up at the doctor yesterday and he is weighing in at 19 pounds (40th percentile) and is 28 inches tall (25th percentile). His head is down to the 85th percentile. I'm not quite sure why Ben was so big coming out, because he sure seems to be settling down on the smaller side of things! WHYYY?! The whole birthing process would have been quite a bit different.
Benjamin has been developing leaps and bounds! It's so crazy how fast things move at this stage. Ben is now crawling, standing up, and "cruising" along some of the furniture. He's pretty darn fast and if you turn around for a second, he's on the other side of the room. He's been having fun exploring all parts of our home and getting into lots of things he really shouldn't be.
Hmm, what else? He's talking a lot. Saying mama and dada. It's almost as if he is copying our inflection, as well. It's pretty cute. He just has these little conversations with himself and it really sounds like he's telling a story.

He's eating all kinds of things now, too! We give him bits of pretty much everything we're eating, in addition to some pureed fruits and veggies. He's still breastfeeding about every 3 hours during the day. He still wakes up to eat at least once every night. Not sure if he's actually hungry or if he just wants the comfort.
Speaking of nighttime, we've been having issues getting him to sleep. He screams and cries, and throws himself backward. He's been pushing his binky away and getting extremely upset when we try to put it back in. I'm hoping he's just teething! He's gotten his two bottom teeth, but I suspect his top teeth are making their way down.
Unfortunately, Ben has developed allergies. His daddy had lots of allergies as a baby, so we kind of expected it. I first noticed it about a month ago when his eyelids swelled up really bad. They've only done that once more since then, but he always has itchy eyes. We aren't too sure what he's allergic to, but the doctor suspects it could be partly seasonal and partly indoor (pets, mold, dust). We do have two doggies, and I'm pretty sure he's allergic to them. He only gets symptoms after having contact with them, though. Which is sad since he loves them so much. The doctor prescribed him some Claritin, and we will be giving that to him daily from now on. Hopefully it helps.
Other than that, everything else is going pretty well! He's a happy little boy and everyone comments on how happy and smiley he is. We can already tell he's going to be a little character, which I'm so excited to see become more prevalent as he gets older! It crazy to us how much our life has changed since adding this little guy into the mix, and I definitely wouldn't change it for the world. He is loved dearly and greatly.

Hope you all are doing well!


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