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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review]

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Urbini. I received an Urbini stroller to facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.” #urbini #IC #ad
Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #ad
I have previously (up until I received this travel system) used an Urbini carseat/stroller.  They have a large line of different car seats and strollers for every lifestyle. You can check them all out on there website. Urbini is sold exclusively at Walmart stores and at Walmart's website (link to Urbini product page). I have decided that I want to take the kids on a walk every morning around the neighborhood. This stroller is great for this, because it is a awesome on the go stroller with tons of storage and plenty of room for your little one. This new and improved travel system is their best one yet. The many updated features are great. Improved features include the larger underneath storage compartment WITH an added zippered compartment.
Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #ad Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #ad
The carseat and stroller both seam to be more sturdy and have several improvements. This stroller has a very unique look, which I would describe as sleek, urban, and trendy. I took my son (9 months old) for a walk in the stroller today and he loved it. There is ample room for his legs, and the straps were comfortable and secure. Not to mention the double snack and drink tray that attaches to the front handle bar. Another feature that I LOVE is the easy set up and take down of the stroller. When you're done, all you have to do is simply pull up on a handle (clearly marked) and voila, the stroller folds up with ease. This is nicer than previous strollers I have tried out. Some can be very confusing and difficult to fold up. 
Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #adAdventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #ad
You pull up on this flap  (the quick-lift system) and the stroller easily collapses into a manageable on the go stroller. Other features of the Urbini Emi Travel System:
-Carseat is easily adjusted for any size between 4-35lb baby with a height up to 32"
I set it up for Simon and he fits in it so much nicer that other car seats I have tried. This system comes with amstroller, car seat, AND the base.
-The stroller's handlebar is adjustable! How awesome is that. I am pretty average height but I have found that some strollers I find myself hunched over while pushing it, but not with the Urbini!
Adventure's with our Urbini Emi Travel System [A Review] #Urbini #IC #ad
Overall, I would definitely recommend the Urbini Emi Travel System. I only have positive things to say about this stroller and car seat combo.  I would recommend this system for any mom who's on the go and looking for an easy store and go stroller, and a car seat that is easily adjusted and can be installed with ease. 

Be sure to connect with Urbini on their Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Instagram Account for more information. They also have a Pinterest Page filled with boards on all things baby! Connect with others talking and sharing stories about their Urbini experience with the hashtag #Urbini .
If you have any questions about the Urbini Emi Stroller, feel free to comment below, and I will do my best to answer it!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Simon's 9 Month Update

Will he seriously be one in three months? That is so hard for me to believe! I forgot to do his 7 and 8 month update post on here, so quite a bit has changed since his last update post, which you can see HERE. He is 9 months old today (the 21st) Simon has been doing pretty well overall. I think I will break this down into categories so its easier for me to write everything down, and easier for you all to read! He doesn't have his 9 month dr visit until march 13th ( I don't know why it's scheduled for so far after). Anyway, I don't have any updated weight or height stats. 
Sleeping/Naps: Simon has been pretty consistent with sleeping through the night, which has been amazing! He started this at about 8 months old. He has recently been going to bed about 8:45-9:00pm (right after a breasfeeding session). He will then typically sleep until at least 530, but usually between 630 and 730. If it is closer to 630 he most likely falls back asleep until 8.
During the day he is still taking two naps, a shorter one in the morning and longer one in the afternoon. Although, if we are out and about all morning he usually just takes one long nap around noon.
Eating/Breastfeeding: Simon is such an eater! He is breastfeeding during the day every 3-4 hours. He also usually has some fruit for breakfast and eats lunch and dinner with us, too. He FINALLY started liking baby food, but mostly just eats what we're eating if I can mush it up for him. Lately he has been loving oatmeal! I think he would snack all day, if I let him!
Milestones: Simon started officially crawling at 7 months. We've had to bust out the baby gates! The beginning of January (7 1/2 months old) he says both mama and dada. The day he turned 8 months he was pulling himself up to stand next to things while holding one. He has also started walking along the couch (while holding on). Also right around 8 months Simon started clapping!
Simon has two bottom teeth! These popped through at about 8.5 months.
He had his first overnighter with Grandma Debbie. Daniel and I had our anniversary February 11th and my parents came to town to watch this kids for us! I was a little nervous about this because Simon wasnt taking a bottle at all and I didn't have any breastmilk pumped, BUT my mom and dad made it work and got him to take a bottle with formula. Which is nice to know he will take that if I'm not around. He is wearing pretty much all 9-12month/12month clothing. 
We are super excited and waiting the arrival of my sister's baby Kyler, who is due any day now! Him and Simon will only be 9 months apart so I can't wait for them to grow up together! I hope you all have an awesome weekend :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our little Valentine's Day Photoshoot

What better occasion to get the kids extra cute and dressed up for than Valentine's day? I decided to get creative and find some outfits for the kids and do a little Valentine's Day photoshoot. On Sunday, Daniel and I went to a nearby park with the kids to take pictures and go on a little family walk. It was nice to get outta the house and walk around a bit. Here are some of the pictures I took...
Suspenders,Bowtie,and Moccasins | Gray Pants (Target) | Plaid Shirt and Red Dress (Goodwill)
 I had so much fun with this shoot, these two made it SO easy, and we all had a good time! I hope you all have a great Valentine's day with the ones you love!

Monday, February 9, 2015

What We Did: Thursday February 5th (Kayla)

I really enjoyed reading Kenzie’s post about a day in their life. Even though we talk all the time, and end up filling each other in about our days it is interesting to see it broken down. Also, got me to thinking what the heck do we do all day? 
Here is a day in the life….of us, a stay at home mommy and her two little ones (2 year old Adeline and 8.5 month old Simon)
A random Thursday.
6:45AM – Awoken by Daniel (he has the best intentions...) I couldn't go back to sleep so I look at my phone and see what I've missed (which is nothing, big surprise) and check emails.
7:30AM – I hear Simon talking and go into change his diaper and breastfeed him.
7:45Am – Daniel brings up Addie and gives her medicine (She's been fighting a cough/runny nose all week) then she watches Magic School Bus in our bed. Daniel leaves for work.
8:00AM – I hop in the shower while the kids play in Simon's room (with the gate up) since I can see them from the bathroom. They were playing so well, I was able to finish getting ready.
 8:30AM - We head to the kitchen for breakfast, Addie has half a bagel with cream cheese and a bowl of cheerios and milk. Simon snacks on some strawberry puffs. 
While they’re eating I load the dish washer and run it. I walk back to our room to put a pair of socks on, 5 minutes later come back and realize I’m still not wearing socks. Instead I got distracted and made the bed, picked up our room and put a few clean clothes away. Go back to put socks on.
9:00AM – Come back and clean up from breakfast while Adeline draws on her chalkboard. We are working on a few sight words. She surprised me by standing there and pointing at the letters announcing each one.
9:15AM – My kid’s stink, literally they smell. Bath time. Get both kids naked and in the bath. Simon is all clean and is laying naked on the floor wrapped in a towel. Addie stages a protest on bath time ending, eventually all the water is drained, and I convince her we ran out of water.
10:00AM – Both kids are dressed and we’re playing in Addie’s room for a bit. I decided to start a load of laundry. The kids play with the empty laundry basket in the hall, so I finished cleaning the wall in the stairway. Adeline decided to draw a mural on it with orange crayon as she walked down the stairs (this happened the night before)
It’s 10:35AM and I've tried to sit down at my desk three times each time to be interrupted. Instead we built this tent. 
Time to breastfeed Simon. I set Addie up to watch a show while I feed Simon and put him down for a nap. Flip through my phone while Simon eats, is is really only 1045AM? Okay, Simon is fed and asleep. I pick up a bit upstairs, and eat a cookie, cause I can!
I come back downstairs and sit at my desk to pay some bills and go through mail. Addie is finishing up her show.
 11:15AM – I finish up at my desk and set Addie up with some stickers and coloring to work on next to me while I work on my computer.
11:40AM – Switch clothes from washer to dryer
12:00PM Lunchtime! Daniel will be home soon to eat with us. Keeping it real with chicken and cheese burritos and leftovers from last nights dinner.
12:45PM – We’re done with lunch and clean up and back downstairs to play.
1:15PM – Simon woke up so we go up and get him and I change both the kids diapers. (I’ve changed about 6 diapers so far today…) We go to the kitchen so Simon can eat his lunch (green beans)
1:45PM – Addie gets to watch a show for 15 minutes, while I breastfeed Simon. Addie goes down for her nap at 2:15PM (this is usually anytime between 2-3)
MOMMY TIME (with Simon) calls for a Gray’s Anatomy episode. Simon seems to be enjoying himself..
3:00PM – Start working on some sewing projects – 3:30PM half way done, but Simon’s biting at my ankles, like literally biting my ankles. Decide to breastfeed him a bit earlier than normal, cause I thought he would take a nap. Yeah, that didn't happen (Simon's nap) Both kids are up and we are back in the tent.
4:40PM – I finished my little sewing project 
Time for afternoon snack upstairs. Addie’s enjoying some popcorn and Simon's helping me really getting in the way as I unload the dishwasher.
4:50PM  - Daniel is home from work and we get the kids ready and head to Aunt Kenzie and Uncle Adam’s house. They invited us for dinner, SCORE!!
We enjoyed some delicious sloppy joe’s and potato salad while the kid’s played. Addie ate very little, Simon was loving it though. Decided I would breastfeed him after dinner. This was a mistake. He still thought he was eating dinner and repeatedly bit me. OUCH! That feeding session went out the window, along with my nerve endings. Daniel tried to feed him some formula in a bottle, to no avail. So I tried breastfeeding again, and he ate.
We got back home about 8:30PM and Daniel put Addie to bed. Which consists of reading a few books and prayers (this is their nightly routine)
9:00PM I breastfeed Simon and put him to bed.
I finished picking up around the house and then Daniel humors me and we sit down to watch some TV (another gray’s anatomy episode, HAH!)
10:00PM – Head to bed!
Oh my word, you’re still reading? I applaud you! Hah. Thanks for taking the time to check out our day. Each day is different and some busier than others. This was a pretty relaxed day. We may not lead the most exciting life, but we are blessed and I am so thankful.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FREE Printables: Simple Motivational Quotes

Hello! So, like Kayla, I've been working on my work area. I've been trying to get everything in one spot, so it's easier for me to get projects done. Unfortunately, we don't have much room left in our house so I'm in the corner of our living room. I wanted to have some cute artwork that doesn't compete with the rest of the room, but still gets me motivated. I made these 3 printables to hang up, and thought I would share with you!
Click here to download Courage, Dear Heart Quote
Click here to download Just Let It Go Quote
Click here to download Work Hard & Be Kind Quote
The artwork was all downloaded from the lovely We Lived Happily Ever After. If you ever want to make your own custom printables, she has beautiful downloads!

I hope you all are doing well,


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