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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FREE Printables: Simple Motivational Quotes

Hello! So, like Kayla, I've been working on my work area. I've been trying to get everything in one spot, so it's easier for me to get projects done. Unfortunately, we don't have much room left in our house so I'm in the corner of our living room. I wanted to have some cute artwork that doesn't compete with the rest of the room, but still gets me motivated. I made these 3 printables to hang up, and thought I would share with you!
Click here to download Courage, Dear Heart Quote
Click here to download Just Let It Go Quote
Click here to download Work Hard & Be Kind Quote
The artwork was all downloaded from the lovely We Lived Happily Ever After. If you ever want to make your own custom printables, she has beautiful downloads!

I hope you all are doing well,

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