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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What We Did: Monday Jan 26th (Kenzie)

At the end of the day, I find myself wondering what exactly we did all day. Time seems to get away from me these days, so I thought I would try to write down everything we did. I took some pictures, too!

6:28am- Baby wakes up to eat. Notice baby's pajamas are soaked in pee. Change diaper and feed baby. Lay baby in bed with me.
6:55- Baby is not sleeping, instead he is grabbing my face. 
9:43- We both wake up. Did I really just sleep until 9:43? That never happens. Remember husband coming to say goodbye when leaving for work. Cuddle with baby.
10:00- Text Kayla to see what she's doing today. We do this every morning. We decide to go to Walmart- exciting times.
10:10- Get up and let the dogs outside. Set baby up with toys while I get ready.
10:40- I'm ready. Go get baby ready.
10:50- Bribe dogs with stale crackers to go back into their room. Eat a few myself since I haven't eaten breakfast.
11:00- Load up the car and head out. It's foggy and depressing.
12:00- Get to Kayla's and realize I forgot to put on an undershirt. Hang out at Kayla's while we wait for baby's feeding time.
12:30- Leave for Walmart. Eat lunch. Won't tell you what we ate since that would be admitting that I've broken a New Year's resolution. Notice Walmart is empty, contemplate doing all of my shopping on Mondays. Here's what I got. I went for the laundry detergent.
2:00- Hang out at Kayla's for a little bit so the kids can play.
2:40- Head home. Get stuck behind a school bus. Still foggy.
3:10- Get home. Baby is still sleeping so I wait in the car going through mail and spacing out while looking at the house.
3:20- Go inside. Baby wakes up and I feed him. Let dogs outside. Try to give Lucy her new stuffed panda. She hates it and Bella tries to steal it. Gave baby a small piece of a yogurt bite. Got this reaction.
4:00- Try to do some work on the computer. Smell poop as soon as I start going through emails. Change diaper.
4:10- Try again on the computer. 
4:15- Dogs are driving me crazy. Go feed dogs. Lock Bella in the bathroom to eat since Lucy tries to steal her food.
4:20- Back at the computer. Watch this video. Remember laundry in the dryer. Turn it on for the 3rd time to unwrinkle it.
4:30- Try to put Ben down for his afternoon nap. He fights it until 5:20pm.
5:40- Baby is awake. Watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy while rocking baby. Waiting for daddy to get home so I can make dinner. See Bella. She somehow let herself out of the bathroom. I forgot she was in there.
6:30- Feed baby. Start making dinner.
7:20- Eat dinner. Chicken Ranch Tacos with a Quinoa/Corn/Spinach salad.
7:30- Feed baby his baby food (spinach, zucchini, peas) while daddy cleans up the dishes. I let baby hold the spoon.
8:00- Work on my binding for a quilt.
8:20- Baby bath time.
8:45- Back to my binding while daddy plays xbox and baby plays with toys.
9:15- Feed baby and put him to bed. He goes down with little fight since he didn't have much of an afternoon nap.
9:40- Work on my binding while Adam reads our daily Bible reading out loud.
10:10- I would like to keep working but am too tired. Head to bed. Lay in bed on my phone for another hour or more. Remember the laundry in the dryer. It can wait until tomorrow.

And that's it! I can't believe how fast days fly by. No day is the same, I started writing this post at 7:30am today and hopefully the baby will take his 2 hour nap this afternoon as usual! Can any of you relate to this post?

Have a great day,

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  1. YES! I can so relate! I really enjoyed reading about your day! I think I am going to try something similar on my blog soon!



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