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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Benjamin's 6 Month Update

Hello! I can't believe I am at the point of writing up Benjamin's 6 Month Update. Time, slow down! 
I've really just been trying to soak up all the time I can with him. There's a point everyday where I look at him and think "this isn't going to last much longer." I try to remember that whenever he's fussy or just wants to be held. I know that someday he won't want mama snuggles, and it breaks my heart to think about. So, I'm trying to get all of those snuggles in now! 

We went to the doctor today and Benjamin is 17 pounds 5 ounces, and 27 3/4 inches tall! He's in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, and 97th percentile for his head. 97 sounds pretty high, but he's been in the 99th pretty much since he's been born, so even a little bit helps! Hah! The doctor said everything looks perfect, and that he's a healthy boy. I did notice a little lump on the back of his head a couple of weeks back that I had her look at. She said she was pretty sure it was a swollen lymph node, but to keep an eye on it! His baby eczema is pretty well controlled with hydrocortisone cream and gentle soaps and lotions.

As for milestones, Ben still isn't sitting up for any long length of time. He really doesn't seem interested in it at all. He would much rather be trying to crawl, and rolling to get somewhere. I know he will become interested eventually, so I'm not worried. As I mentioned, he is rolling to get where he wants to go. He also turns around on his hands. He sticks his little booty up in the air and pushes with his legs, too, but just hasn't put the two together yet!
The day that he turned 6 months (the 10th) he said "mama." It sounded more like "momomom." He said it during the evening when we were getting him ready for bed and he was starting to get upset. I looked at Adam and said "did you hear that?!" and then Ben did it again! He usually only says it while he's getting fussy. I don't think he knows what it means yet, but it's still cute! 

His schedule has been changing quite a bit. He switched to only taking 2 naps a day, which I am all for! Rather than three shorter naps, he takes one short nap and one long one. I get so much done during his long nap, I love it. So, he usually takes a nap around noon, and then around 3:30-5:30. 
We tried putting Ben in his crib for a few nights. He did just as well as he did in our room, but he's still waking up every 3 hours to eat, or sometimes he just needs his binky. It was getting pretty old walking back and forth between the rooms. Also, the baby monitor was waking my husband and I both up, when him fussing in the room usually only wakes me. We decided to wait to move him to his crib when he's sleeping longer stretches at night. What happened to him sleeping 7-8 hours?! He slept great until he hit about 3 months, and he's been up every 3-4 hours ever since then. :( This mama is getting tired. It's a good thing he is so darn cute! :)
Ben is still nursing every 3 hours, and he also eats pureed fruit or veggies around dinner time. I will be starting to feed him more during the day, but keep up the breastfeeding. He is a hearty eater, and has likes almost everything we have given him.

I think that's about it! I hope you all are doing well. Kayla and I have a pretty exciting announcement to share pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled! We are so ecstatic about it, and hope you will be too.

Have a great day!

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