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Friday, April 11, 2014

Super easy DIY Baby Blanket Tutorial (with minky and cuddle fabric)

Happy Friday! I can't tell you all how excited I still am about my new sewing machine. I have been teaching myself (the best way for me to learn, sometimes I'm slow) ;) Anyway, all the projects I've tried so far have been pretty beginner status, and easy. This is another one of those, so if you're new to sewing (like me) this is a great project for you! I love how this blanket turned out. I think the fabric is so adorable (I chose the owls), and I can't wait to wrap our sweet little boy in it, once he arrives.
Kenzie did this project too, and her blanket turned out just as cute! I love her forest animal print fabric, it goes perfectly with her nursery theme.
Okay, here I go to attempt to give you a tutorial on how to make this blanket. I swear it is even easier then how I explain it....
1. Purchase 1.5 yards of each fabric that you will be using. I chose minky and a "cuddle flannel" fabric. I purchased both of these from JoAnn Fabrics. You will have a little bit left over from each.
2. Cut your fabric into 45 inch squares - this made a pretty big blanket. You can measure down if you're looking to use it for just a cuddle blankie, or a smaller blanket for in the carseat. For instance: a 30x30inch, which is what Kenzie decided to do with hers. 
3. Once you've cut your fabric, put the "right" sides together and pin your fabrics together. PIN, PIN, PIN! Be sure to pin and secure the corners, then pin about every 10 inches all the way around. I think this is the secret to this project, at least when you're working with minky. This is a tricky fabric and it stretches a bit when you're sewing it and the cuddle fabric doesn't.
4. One of your 10 inch slots will be left open. Be sure it is about the middle of one of the sides (makes it easier then a corner). You can mark it by putting your pins a different direction, or whatever works for you.
5. Using a straight stitch, sew all around the blanket (leaving one 10 inch slot open) Being sure to back stitch where you start, and stop. (1-1.5 inch edge)
6. Once you finish sewing all the way around - use your 10 inch opening to pull the blanket through, so it is right side out. Flatten your blanket out (iron if you'd like, I didn't, cause I'm lazy! Lol.) If you do iron, be sure to check the settings on your iron so they're not too hot, especially when working with the minky.
7. Now all you've got to do is straight stitch all the way around the edge again, this time sewing together that 10 inch opening. I used about a 1-1.5 inch edge as my guide when sewing around the blanket.
That's it, I hope this tutorial was clear for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to help you, in any way I can.Thank you for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment and say "hi" we love checking out other people's blogs and making new friends! :)
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  1. I've been wanting to make one these! Thank you so much for this post. I better get going on this project. :)

    1. Great! I hope its helpful as you make yours. Be sure to share a picture when youre done, id love to see it! Good luck :)

    2. finally got around to making the blanket. I'm sure it would have been much easier if I didn't use jersey knit for one of my fabrics. No sure how to post or share a picture but I plan of posting my experience on my blog. Thanks again for the instructions!



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