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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hanging Wooden Photo Frames with Burlap

Happy Friday, everyone! I whipped up a little project for the nursery the other day and thought I would share.

I bought these small wooden frames from the thrift store a while back (mentioned in my Thrifty Nursery Finds post), and hadn't found a way to use them until recently. Since then I've seen these same frames at Joann's for the same price. I thought it would be fun to put pictures of our little family in there with each members name- that includes our doggies! Instead of hanging them all individually, I hung them all together using a roll of burlap.
Here is what I did:
1. Gathered my supplies. My frames (with pictures & names, I just used some letter stickers), roll of burlap ($5 at Walmart), scissors, and staple gun.
2. I folded the top of the burlap over for a bit more support and started stapling.
3. I continued down on each frame, 3 staples on top and bottom. I used my camera lens cover as a guide for spacing between frames.
4. I cut the end up the burlap into a little flag.

Ta-da! I think it turned out so cute! You can see that it ended up being pretty long. I can't wait to hold my little baby boy and point out each of our family members to him.
Kind of ties in our yellowish light switches, eh?
Our nursery is coming right along. There isn't much more to do except little projects here and there. It's working out well for me because I'm pooped! I'm sure that I will do a nursery reveal post once everything is complete and it is closer to our little man's arrival.

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend and we will talk to you all next week!

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