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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY: Modern Arrow Fabric Wall Hanging

Good afternoon! I hope you all had a great weekend. We were able to go to the westside, and visit with my family for a few days. It is always fun to go over there and visit, it feels like a little mini-vacation :) 
My "nesting" instinct is kicking in, and I've been loving my new sewing machine - and teaching myself how to use it. This is something I came up with for our baby boy's nursery. I am going with some type of "arrow theme." Anyway, here is a wall hanging that was pretty easy - and it turned out pretty good.
It was pretty easy to make - it is (obviously) no where near perfect, but that's okay - it gives it more of a home-made special look. Here are a few pictures and steps if you'd like to make your own!
1. I used felt for the arrows. I picked a few different coordinating colors and cut-out my different arrows. They're all different shapes/sizes.
2. Once I cut out my arrows I sewed them onto a piece of ribbon. I just sewed a straight line along the length of the ribbon, placing an arrow every few inches (sewing it to the ribbon)
3. Once I sewed all my arrows to the strips of ribbon (I did 9 rows of arrows) - I cut a rectangle out of a plain piece of snuggle fabric. (you could use any type of fabric- that is just what I had on hand) I just made sure each side was straight and made sure it was big enough for all the arrows. Now, I didn't really measure anything for this project, besides the length of each ribbon. 
4. Next, I ironed the felt arrows on the ribbons and ironed the gray back piece of fabric. While ironing the gray back piece I folded over the edges and ironed, pinned them, (preparing to sew the edges - for a cleaner look)
This will be the side that is facing the wall (you won't see it)
5. I then sewed the edges of the gray back piece of fabric, giving it a nice hemmed looking edge. 
6. Next I pinned the arrows/ribbon to the gray fabric (one row at a time) and sewed a straight line down the ribbon along the gray fabric. 
7. Once all the ribbons were attached to the gray fabric, I went back and sewed a line on both sides of the ribbon/arrows, so that the edges of the arrows would stay down and not bend over. Also adding a bit of extra stitching. Then, I cut off all the extra string and ironed the whole piece,and hung it up!

There you have it, if those directions seem confusing - its probably because they are! Lol. If you have an questions or don't understand something let me know, and I will do my best to better explain it! What do you think? This project is fun, because you could really do it for any type of themed room. Hearts for a little girl? Sports balls for a little boy? Anything you can cut out of felt! 
Have a wonderful evening, and be sure to stop by again tomorrow for our growing What We Eat Wednesday Link Party! :)
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  1. Love it - very cool! Thanks so much for sharing at #CreativeMuster - Alice @ Mums Make Lists

    1. Thank you so much, Alice! Thank YOU for hosting the party (we enjoy it each week) and for stopping by to say hi.



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