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Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Burlap Woodland Animal Bunting

The end of the week is here. Thank goodness! Today I'm going to share a super easy craft with you guys. I've been loving the whole "woodland animal" theme going on in nurseries. I decided to try to incorporate it into our nursery in a small way, without making it the entire theme of the room. I whipped up this Burlap Bunting in about an hour last week.
 Here are the supplies that I used:
-a $5 roll of burlap from Walmart, I only used a very small amount of it
-a piece of fabric with woodland animals on it, stickers or something similar would work, too
-hot glue gun/craft glue
-some bakery string I found in the clearance bins back in the craft supplies at Walmart

First, I cut out my animals from the fabric, and then cut out my triangles for the bunting. I didn't use a template or anything fancy. I just eyeballed it. I then glued said animals to said triangles. I sealed the edges of the bunting with glue, or else the burlap would fray all over the place. Once it was dry, I just strung the bakery string through some of the outside corner holes of the triangles. The end.
The creepy dog in the bottom right corner is Lucy. She follows me around and just stares. That panda is her "baby."
Easy right? Something not as easy...? That rag quilt on the shelf in the first picture. I just finished it last night. I love how it turned out, but a couple of mishaps had me wanting to claw out my eyeballs.

Also, here is a little sneak peek as to the direction we're taking with the nursery. I'm not going overboard with this, just incorporating some small things. It sort of fits with the whole "rustic forest" feel I'm going for- plus Dad and I are LOTR nerds and love trying to incorporate it without being total freaks.
I hope you all have an outstanding weekend. Any big plans? I don't think we're doing much of anything, but it looks like it's hitting 60 degrees! Maybe we'll get some work done outside.

Talk to you all next week,
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  1. Oh my goodness, this is so very cute! Great work. I love how it turned out!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you, Jennifer! I just saw the comment. Thank you so much, and hope you have a great coming weekend.

  2. Cute project and I love how easy it is. Tweeting & Pinning to my baby baby boards.Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives party! I've been making all kinds of woodland things myself. I have shared a few but, more is coming ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Theresa. :) I will have to come check out all of your woodland stuff, it's so cute!



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