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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 Sewing Projects for Beginners

5 Sewing Projects for Begginers
Good Morning! This weekend I got bit by the craft bug and picked up a new hobby/could become an obsession...SEWING! I was blessed to receive this wonderful gift....
A gorgeous Baby Lock Anna!
Since I got my machine, I was able to start my first "rag quilt" with the help of Kenzie's Mom and a little sewing lesson from my mother in-law! It's no where near perfect, but I love it! I am going to do another one, eventually, for Adeline. When I do that one, I will take some pictures, and post a tutorial to share with you all. But today, I wanted to do a quick round-up of a few projects I'd love to get started/finish before our baby boy gets here in just over 10 weeks (or sooner, eeeek!!)
1. Super Simple Leggings from Makeit-Loveit
This might be a bit of a stretch for me - but I would love it if I could learn to make these!!
2. Baby Burp Cloths from Amusing MJ
She gives a great step by step tutorial for these, I'm excited to get started on these.
3. DIY Headbands from CraftSnob
These would be super cute for Addie, and they don't look too hard.
4. Cotton and Minky Baby Blanket by How Does She
5. Baby Bandana Bib like pictured below a great tutorial can be found from The Little Things
Okay! Dream big, right? haha Seeing as the first time I've tried sewing was two days ago. But I'm going to give them a shot. Once I complete them, I'll be sure to post pictures and let you know how they went. Do you have any easy sewing tutorials or tips to share with me? PLEASE comment below! :)
Have a wonderful Tuesday,

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  1. Hi! Just found this page on Pinterest. Curious to know how your sewing is coming along.



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