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Friday, October 24, 2014

October 2014 IKEA Haul!

Hey everyone! So last time I went to visit my family is the Seattle area, we hit up IKEA! It's pretty much the one place we have to go whenever we get a chance to head that direction. We picked up a few things and I decided to share with you guys. No furniture items, just decorative. They have some really nice new stuff out though, so maybe someday soon we can replace a few older pieces of furniture!

First off, I picked up 2 sets of their Matilda curtains. Kayla had a set of these curtains in Simon's nursery, and I really liked them! We had some cheaper sheer white curtains before, but these ones add more interest with the delicate detail.
We recently removed the fluorescent lighting in our kitchen. We've been needing some new lighting, and found some really nice pendants (Renarp pendant lamp). Unfortunately, they didn't have have any more in stock, so we had to order them online which was a pain in the booty. Their shipping is pretty expensive. I just love the hardware on these.
I've been wanting a clock for Ben's nursery. I usually feed Benjamin in there, and I often find myself looking for the time so I know when to next feed him. I picked up this cute black framed clock.
Next are just a few smaller things I saw and liked. Some silicon baking cups (which I can't find online), teacup (without handles) candles, and white planters
Last but not least is a fail item. We purchased a king size Honsbar down comforter for our bed. We actually own a queen size bed, but the full/queen comforters are just a tad too small. Anyway, we finally splurged for a king size and are so disappointed. This thing stinks. Like literally stinks. We had it in our bedroom and I thought something smelled off. Then Adam came in and said "it smells like something is rotting in here." It was the comforter! So I took it off and washed it 2 more times (exactly as the instructions direct) and it still smells bad. We will be taking it back. Not that you can see anything, but here is was while it was on our bed.
And that's it! Have you picked up any new items from IKEA recently? Anything you are eyeing for next time?

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I think we are just staying home, which sounds wonderful. We've been doing things every weekend for the last little bit, and I think we all need some good R&R together. Talk to you soon!

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