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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Benjamin's 3 Month Update

Hey guys! I can't believe that 3 months have already come and gone with this little boy of ours. 
As you can see, Ben is smiling like crazy. It's hard to NOT catch him grinning- such a happy baby. He's been laughing a lot, which is the cutest thing. He talks all the time, too, just like his Daddy. These aren't new this month, just a lot more pronounced.

What IS new this month is rolling on his side, and lifting his head up during tummy time. He can also roll from his belly to his back, but not vice versa yet.
Ben has been grabbing toys (and hair!) and putting them in his mouth, and also has discovered his fingers! He likes his thumb a lot :) He also enjoys playing with his tongue.
We went on his first "official" trip this last week. We drove to the beach, which is about a 5 hour drive from here. We stayed for several days, and he did great. I could tell he needed his schedule back around the last day we were there, though. He was so happy to come home, but definitely enjoyed all the new things to see. We stayed in Moclips, WA, and visited Lake Quinault.
Not much has changed schedule wise. He still eats every 3 hours and sleeps about 6 hours at night. He's awake more during the day, which is good and bad for Mama. I love having him awake, but I've been getting less done around the house! I'm going to need to work on that. He is still breastfeeding, and I'm very thankful it's going so well. Hopefully the rest of our kiddos will be this easy.
That's about it! I will have updated measurements next month after his 4 month check-up. But, he is definitely a big boy!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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