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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kenzie: 40 Week Pregnancy Update + Bump Picture

Well, I've officially made it to my due date. As you're reading this, I'm actually a few days after it. Maybe Benjamin will be here by that time, but I am highly doubtful. He seems to be doing just fine in the belly. Here is my 40 week picture. I'm being brave putting this up because I honestly feel like a hippo. Everywhere I go I get comments, and they're getting pretty old at this point. Oh, the joys. Matter of fact, I'm looking a little less joyful in this picture than in any of my others. Blame it on Benjamin's head located on my sciatic nerve.
I found a fun end of pregnancy questionnaire, so I thought I would answer these questions instead of our normal ones. Plus, there will be some links to some of my pregnancy related blog posts.

Beginning height/weight? 5'3.5", 126
What you weigh now? 172! Yikes. Last several pounds have been water weight, at least.
Due date? June 30th, 2014
Gender? Boy
Name? Benjamin
Nursery colors/theme? Woodland forest, white, green, blue (check out the Nursery Reveal!)
Stretch marks? Yep. Only a few dark ones, the rest are very light.
Do you have braxton hicks? I haven't had very many.
Did you get any medical issues? Nope. I guess low iron, but apparently that's pretty normal.
Have you been checked for dilation/effaced? I've been checked 3 times. All have been about the same, with little to no progression.
If so what % are you? No dilation, 50ish% effaced.
How much does baby weigh? Doc said he should be around 8 pounds.
Have you started nesting? Have been for the last month or so.
Latest craving? No cravings recently.
Bags packed? They've been packed for a while. Check out What's in my Hospital Bags post.
If yes, are they in the car? Right now they are just because we had an appointment this morning. Normally they sit by the front door.
Car seat ready to go? It is.
C-section or vaginally? Hoping for vaginally, but not opposed to c-section if necessary.
Do you think baby will come early or late? Well, considering today is my due date, late!
Biggest fear? The whole tearing/ripping thing.
What are you most excited for? Just finally holding our baby.
Looking back, do you regret anything you did during this pregnancy? Not really.
Are you going to miss being pregnant? At this point, no... but I'm in the pretty miserable stage. Second trimester was good, though.
Favorite memory of your pregnancy? Just being pregnant in general. There were many times I thought I would never get pregnant, so I'm SO SO thankful.
Any sure signs labor is near yet (loss of plug etc)? I truly wish there were. But not really. I've had some sporadic contractions, but they don't really count since they are so few and far between.

Also, I put together my little collage of pregnancy bump pictures. I think it turned out pretty cool! I remember thinking my bump was SO huge at 20 weeks. HAH! How little you knew tiny lady.
 If you're interested in reading any of my other updates here are the links:
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I doubt there will be any more pregnancy updates from me, but I know there will be a post up introducing out little boy to you all once he is here. Please send me good labor vibes, and pray that this show gets it's act together and starts moving along!

Have a great day!


  1. You look beautiful! I wish I looked as good as you do when I was 40 weeks pregnant.

    1. You are so kind :) Thank you for the sweet comment. -Kenzie

  2. Hi! Greetings from South Texas~ You look amazing!! I love that collage :) can't wait to see your little bundle of joy!



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