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Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Children's Apron

I am so in love with Addie's new apron! This is the perfect project for fat quarters! They are usually pretty inexpensive, and you can find them in so many different cute patterns/colors. I made this from two different fat quarters (The flower fabric for the main apron part and the white and blue one for the ties and pockets). My mother-in-law had made a version of this with a different fabric a long time ago, so I used that as a sizing guide, but ended up making mine a little bit bigger, just so Addie could use it longer.
She loves it, too! Alright, here is what you need to do:
Materials Needed:
-2 coordinating fat quarters ( I used this rose/stripe fabric and the white a blue fabric)
-Ruler or rulered fabric cutting mat
-Rotary cutter
I will apologize in advance for not having close up pictures of these steps. I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out since it was my first try and I wasn't really following any type of instructions, but it ended up cute so I will do my best to describe what I did.
1. Fold your fabric in half ( I used a single Fat quarter for the main fabric and a coordinating fat quarter for the pockets and ties)
2. Once folded in half use your rotary cutter to cut out the apron using the pattern above.
Once unfolded the measurements of all sides should be as follows:
Side "A" = 7"
Side "B" = 5" (each side)
Side "C" = 14" (each side)
Side "D" = 11"
3. Fold the apron a quarter inch in on the back side of the fabric on side "A", "B", and "C" and iron.
4. Sew that fold over on each side
5. On Side "D" fold over 1" and iron, then sew that.
6. Now cut out your ties. Two for the waist and two for the neck ( I made the neck ties a bit slimmer than the waist ties), I cut these each 20". Fold over on both sides of the tie and use a zig zag stich to hold the folds in place. Then at the end of each tie fold over a quarter of an inch and sew along that line. 
7. Sew these onto the apron ( I sewed a square to help hold in place) 
8. Next cut out your pockets - two 4x4'' squares and a 4.5x3.5'' rectangle for the top pocket. Use the same fold/iron method and sew along the entire edge, then to attach to your apron sew along the bottom three sides leaving the top open. 
I really hope this makes sense to you all, if you're going to give it a try let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. If you're stopping by for the first time, comment below and say hi, so we can return the favor :)

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