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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Temporary New Blog Schedule + What's Going On?

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that we've been MIA the last couple of days. We have been taking some time to discuss a new blog schedule. We've been finding it hard to get our posts done in a timely manner with a brand new newborn, and a newborn soon to be here. Instead of stressing over another project and post, we've decided to cut down the number of posts we do each week. This guarantees that our projects and posts are the best quality they can be- which you guys deserve.

So, instead of posting Tuesday through Friday, we will be posting (at a minimum) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will also be throwing some random posts in there throughout the week. We'd like to take some extra time promoting our posts and interacting with our followers and people we follow, too.

All that being said, we are NOT going anywhere! If anything, you may hear more from us as we're responding to more comments, emails, and commenting on your blogs. :)

We hope you are all amazing and that summer is treating you well! Have a great rest of your weekend, and we will be back with a recipe and our Link Party on Wednesday!

Lots of love,
Kayla & Kenzie

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