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Friday, June 20, 2014

Simon: One Month Update

One Month Update + Photos (Orchard Girls)
Simon will officially be one month old tomorrow (In case you missed it, you can see his birth story HERE!) I can't believe it. It seems like I had him about 2 weeks ago. Although, all my days/nights are running together at this point, don't cha know, as it is with all new mommies and daddy's. Anyway, I thought I would share a few photos of Simon and give an update on how things are going / what he's been up to. 
One Month Update + Photos (Orchard Girls)
Brother/Sister: Addie has been LOVING her little brother. Whenever he cries she runs over to him, saying, "aw, aw, aw" pointing at his face. Simon doesn't pay any attention to her at this point, unless she is practicing body parts and accidentally pokes him in the eyeball. I am excited to see them grow up together, they'll be good pals.
One Month Update + Photos (Orchard Girls)
 Food: Nothing too exciting right now. We are breastfeeding, and so far that is all he has had. It has been going really well! Which has been amazing, since it was such a struggle with Adeline and her being a preemie and not being able to latch on. Simon is all about it, and does great. He eats every 3 hours during the day with an occasional 2 1/2 hour in the evenings.  I have been able to pump, as well, which allows Daniel to feed Simon during the night a couple times a week - life saver! Also, it is great for Daddy/son bonding :)
 Naps/Sleep: Still just cat napping throughout the day with no set schedule. Can't wait til we can get back on a schedule, I'm all about that. Night time has been about the same since we brought him home. The last feed is about 9:30 and he falls asleep around 10:30 and we put him to bed. He will sleep anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, then feed again. Last night he slept for 5 1/2. He'll go back to sleep and then feed again about 3 hours later.
Milestones: He is getting stronger and does pretty well with trying to hold his head up. Simon has actually done well with "tummy time", too. Not much else, yet.
That's all for now. I think I will continue to do monthly updates for the first year. It will be fun to look back on them as he gets older. Thanks for stopping by :)
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