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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Blog Posts of 2013 + Blog Stats

Top Blog Posts of 2013 by
Hey guys, today we wanted to share with you our top blog posts of 2013! We haven't been blogging for quite a year yet, but we did start up our blog in April of 2013. We've tried a few new things - switched things up and redesigned - throughout the year. We want to continue to grow and be a blog YOU love to follow along with! We really appreciate your input. If you're a follower of our blog (or not) please use the comment section below to tell us what YOU like to see us post. What is your favorite type of posts that we do? Thank you for helping us make our blog the best it can be! :)
     Alright, back to the "top posts"! There are a few different ways you could look at the "Top" posts - today I thought I would share Kenzie's top 3 posts and the top 3 that I have done (in regards to times they have been viewed). 
You'll also find additional blog stats below :)
--Kenzie's Top 3 Posts of 2013--
"....print them all out and put them into a binder so we would also have a hard copy. I also decided to make you guys some fully downloadable, editable, and printable versions of the spreadsheets I use!"
Featured on
"...Over the last couple of years, I've figured out a system that works well for us. So, for Thrifty Thursday this week, I'm going to share my menu making plan with you!"

"... I took a deep breath (and maybe hit something with my hammer...) and finished! I gave my laundry room a much needed little...sprucer-up-er? Eh, you get the idea."

--Kayla's Top 3 Posts of 2013--
"... I wanted to create a sort of "Monthly Bills Station". Somewhere I can put the bills that need to be paid, and organize the ones that have already been paid.  Here is what I came up with. Also you can find our FREE Monthly Bills Printable HERE. ..."
"...Hey All! It's almost fall, ya'll. I figured I'd continue on with our "fall" theme this week with some thrifty fall decorating ideas! I can't wait to start decorating..."
"...Today though, I have a few Fall outfit inspirations for you! Some are from around the web and a few I put together. Feel free to "pin" away!..."

Blog Stats 2013
These numbers aren't to impress anyone, I just know I enjoy looking at other bloggers stats, so I thought it may be fun to share our little ol' blogs numbers :)

Number of Posts in 2013 = 155
Total Page Views = 288,008

Top Blog Traffic Sources
1. Pinterest
2. Google
3. LinkWithin
4. Other

Thank you so much for all of your support this past year! We hope you come back again to visit soon. We look forward to hearing from you on what you'd like to see in this upcoming year! Please comment below. Have a wonderful week, and stay warm! :)

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