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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 5 Toddler Valentine's Day Crafts

Happy Thursday night guys! It's been a pretty busy day for us, as you can tell - with me getting the post up so late! It was grocery shopping day and this afternoon, we were invited by my in-laws to the Farm Bureau Night. It was pretty fun we had dinner, and got to see a small comedy act. There was also a silent and live auction! Anyway, we just got home and I realized I hadn't put together a post today. Oops! Well, I have been looking for fun crafts to do with Addie for Valentine's day and I think we might try a few of these out! Enjoy :)
Be sure to check out our toddler valentines treats post too. Here:

1. I love this one! Hand Prints all over then paint LOVE in white over it! (Couldn't find the source :( )
2. Spell out LOVE using letters, hands, and feet - so much fun! ( source :( I wish everyone would watermark their work so it would be easier to find out who created this! )
3. Cute PomPom Heart craft easy for toddlers from Baby Giveaways Galore
4. Heart Stamps toilet paper roll project from So Crafty on Squidoo
5. Hand Print Heart Craft from Life in the Green House
Hopefully these fun and easy crafts give you some inspiration for your own Valentine's day crafts. Have a wonderful night! Come back and see us soon :)
We link up to these parties HERE! :)

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