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Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy Fall Decor w/ Living Room Tour!

Happy Friday, everyone! Last weekend, I decided to start putting up my Fall decor. I tried to use alot of the things I already had- including things that wouldn't typically be labeled "Fall Decor." Since most of this is in my living room, you guys practically get a tour, which I don't think I've done yet.

So, welcome to our home!
First off, yes, our house is pink. A fleshy pink with brown trim. We live in a rental, so this is just something we will have to live with for the time being. It makes decorating outside a little interesting!

My wreath is actually just a plain twig wreath, with a little decorative sign from Michael's hanging in the middle. You could easily change it for different seasons or holidays with a different sign and ribbon!

Now, onto our living room.
 This is what you see when you walk in and look to the left. We have a wall of paneling, along with a brick fireplace. It has been a challenge to lighten up this room without doing anything with that paneling! You can also see that we still have (and are loving!) our Ektorp Sectional. See if you can find all 3 dogs.
I painted the living room in Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl. We love it! It used to be a darker taupey color. I actually liked the color it was before, but we wanted something lighter and cooler toned to offset the wall of paneling.
We also have a small desk area, and entryway. The kitchen/dining room is just beyond that open doorway on the left. 

Now onto some of my fall decorations!
To add a little bit of festivity to the entryway, I found some books that had fall colored spines, or pages. I then used a dollar store ceramic pumpkin, and dollar store flowers in a milk glass vase.
On the sofa table, which is an Ikea Expedit unit, is a lacey leaf runner from Joanne's. I also stacked some fall colored books here. I filled my green vase with wheat that my husband brought home from one of his growers (he works in agriculture). On the right, I have a small mirrored tray from the thrift store, a family photo, a dollar store pumpkin, and my favorite Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works
I draped a burnt orange scarf over our coffee table. The white tray is a thrift store find that I spray painted. It holds a few issues of fall themed Country Living, another dollar store pumpkin, a yellow flower votive holder, and my favorite thrift store coasters.
And here is the mantle. I tried to lighten up this wall with all white frames and my milk glass collection. To "fall" it up, I added my Fall Leaf Initial, some leaf garland from Michaels, and some dollar store flowers to some of the vases.

I think that's about it! I didn't want to spend very much money on these decorations, and I think I did pretty well! I love using things I already own in unexpected ways- like books and scarves. Hopefully I've inspired some of you to pull out things that you wouldn't necessary use as decoration. 

I hope you all enjoyed, and that you have an absolutely amazing weekend.

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  1. I really like all of the orange throughout the room. I think it offsets the gray so nicely and complements the paneled wall's warm tones, too.

    1. Thanks, Melody! I'm usually not a big fan of orange, but I think it looks nice in the room, too. Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great job! My kids have been bugging me to get started on our fall decor... better hurry 'cause before I know it Christmas will be here! I love seeing your puppies and your white frames and milk glass! I'm also drooling over your map of the world!!! xoxo jules

  3. I so like fall decorations!

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