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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Dollar Store Basket Weave Runner

Happy Thrifty Thursday. I have another Dollar Store project for you all today, though it didn't only cost me a dollar. It ended up costing me a whopping 6 bucks! Not too spendy, but a little more than I wanted to spend for this runner! Anyway, onto the project! A basket weave runner made out of Dollar Store "Magic Cover" which is described as Vinyl Top Liner. The pattern I bought is called Plaid Burgundy and Cream.
So, for this project, I needed 6 rolls of the magic cover. This is because I'm a dum dum and didn't read the dimensions of the roll- it's only 30 inches long. I then cut each of the rolls in half lengthwise, and cut 6 of those in half widthwise (?)... did anyone else learn "hotdog" and "hamburger?" So, cut each roll in half hotdog, and half of those in half hamburger. Make sense? The longer pieces will be put together to make 3 60 inch long pieces. Once the pieces were all cut, I did these steps...
1. I lightly taped the longer pieces together to get 3 60 inch strips. I lined these up.
2. I used the 12 smaller strips (upside down) to "basket weave" with the longer strips. Using my hot glue gun, I tacked each piece down on the corners. 
3. Once all the pieces were woven, I hot glued all of the outer edges, and trimmed off any excess.
4. That's it! No sewing required. Though, I might go around the edges with the sewing machine someday soon.
I think this turned out to be a pretty cute runner, it almost looks quilted to me. I'm excited to use it outside since it's really durable, and can be cleaned easily. 
Oh, and those apples in the last 2 pictures? I picked those out of my backyard. Our house is surrounded by Gala apple trees, and just a few Honeycrisp trees. What is everyone's favorite apple variety? They're out picking Golden Delicious right now!

We hope you all are having an amazing week. Kayla will be sharing an awesome project with you tomorrow- so be ready! I'm trying to convince her to make me one for Christmas. You never know, right?!

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