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Friday, May 31, 2013

Nursery Organization + FREE Label Printables!

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was so excited to decorate the nursery. Then, when I found out I was having a girl, my gears started turning and I began decorating. Now, six months after she was born, I realize whats practical, whats not..and everything in between. Now, I am realizing what I actually NEED. And that would be, to get organized! If you're not organized, it makes things a lot more difficult. Well, even if you don't have a baby and aren't organized it makes things more difficult. 
Anyway, back on track...I needed to organize Adeline's nursery. At this point all of her clothes were either hanging up in her closet (clothes she hadn't worn yet), in a small portable three basket dresser (in the living room), and in a white laundry basket (not even folded). This is where our FREE printable comes in! Yay! I wanted to create some labels to put on her dresser, so that everything would have a place. Also making it easier to find what I was looking for. AND help daddy find things, instead of me having to yell from across the house, "uhm, uh, I think its in the bottom of the middle left drawer" or something like that ;)
Here is what I came up with...
Orchard Girls-Nursery Labels
Click HERE and HERE for the girl labels
and click HERE and HERE for the boy labels.

This was after I designed them, printed them out, and laminated them. 
Another great way to stay organized within the drawers are these Ikea organizing boxes. They come in a set of six and are several different sizes, when set out in a regular sized drawer, they fit perfectly! They are great for sock drawers. For instance, in her sock drawer I have socks in one box, hats in one, and leggings in another. Works great! The picture below is 4 of those boxes that I put up on a shelf in her closet. Oh, and for 6 of them they are only 7 bucks!
You can find the exact boxes by clicking HERE!
Ikea-Organizing Boxes
 Here is  a picture of her dresser after I filled, organized it, and attached the labels! I just attached them with thick tape, nothing fancy! :)
Nursery Labels-Free Printables
I made a set of these labels for both boys and girls! The above pictures are for the girls (gray and pink bunting with a girly font). The boy one is blue and gray bunting with a different font. Be sure to leave a comment if you plan on printing these, and feel free to take a picture of how you used them and share the link! We'd love to see how you're organizing your nursery! 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
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  1. I am a very organized person, almost OCD when it comes to my baby girl (who will be here any day). The problem I have is that it doesn't matter how many times I tell her daddy what's goes where he can't figure it out. These are perfect! Thank you!

  2. You're so welcome DaDutchess! I hope they'll help Daddy find what he's looking for! :)

  3. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I have so much clutter so much clothes. I makes it hard for me; having twins a boy and a girl.

  4. Love these. Do you mind if I give the Nursery items (digital copy) to my niece for a Baby Shower Gift

  5. That would be great! We hope she loves them! 🙌🏼



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