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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY: Baby "Tag" Blanket

I recently made a no sew “tie” blanket for myself. It was fun to make, and I love it! So I thought, why not make one for Adeline, one just her size!? There are a lot of those “tag” blankets that have become pretty popular. So I figured I would try and replicate something like that. Here is a tutorial of what I did….
Supplies Needed:

-Spare Fabric (I used 18x30in. Minkee)
-Ribbon Spools 

That's it!
I purchased two different minkee quilters quarters. (size 18 x 30 inches), You could also just use and same sized spare fabric. For the “tag” part of the blanket I used coordinating ribbon spools.
Step 1: Place the fabric together with the soft size facing outwards and place on the ground or table. (doesn’t matter which side is up)
Step 2: Cut out a square shape at each corner a couple inches in size(cutting through both pieces of fabric)
Step 3: For your ties, you will need to cut a couple of inch pieces straight up, one right after the other.  
Step 4: Double knot the two pieces together, until all the pieces are ties along the long side.
Step 5: Next you will need to get your ribbon out and cut them into 10 inch pieces.
Step 6: Now you will want to plan/lay out the ribbon in the order you’d like them to look in the end. Now this next part is kind of confusing, so hopefully I can make some sense of myself. On the short sides of your fabric is where you will be putting your ribbon in. You are going to want to tie them the same as the knots on the long sides. Except after you do your first knot slip the ribbon piece through. Then tie your second knot (completing one double knot). Once you complete the double knot, tie the ribbon in a knot around it and pull tight.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. I really like how this blanket turned out, and Adeline just loves it. She enjoys looking at the different color ribbon and also pulling on them, well mostly chewing on them…but there isn’t much she’s not chewing on these days! 
It’s also perfect for her size (5-6months), especially during summer. It’s not too big and bulky, but still cuddly and can cover her. I hope this is a fun project for you!

Happy Tuesday,

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