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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fix it up Friday: $20 Spice Cabinet Makeover + Free Spice Checklist Printable!

Happy happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Anyone excited for a 3 day weekend?!

Let's be real here. Constant DIY projects and organization ends up costing quite a bit of moolah. That's why I decided to give myself a strict budget for this project. I knew that I could find a way to organize my spice cabinet without breaking the bank.

For the last several weeks, I've been on the hunt for a whole bunch of small jars to put all of my spices in. I checked every dollar store. Nada. I thought that was the only way to make my cabinet look nice! Then I decided to think a little more... noodle on it, if you will. I then decided I just wanted to look around the craft store for some ideas. So yesterday, Kayla, Addie, and I headed to Michael's. I found the little jars I had been looking for! And 40% off. I started filling my arms! But then I did some quick math in my head. A dollar a jar?! I would need at least 20! I put them back and kept looking. I finally came up with a system that works... without all the little jars.

First off, let's take a look at my spice cabinet before I started working on it yesterday.
My bay leaves are upside down, my shelves are on backwards, and my christmas sprinkles sure know how to over stay their welcome. It was craziness. Things practically jumped out of the cabinet whenever I tried to get something out.

And, here's the after.
The 20 dollars I spent at Michael's went toward the 3 drawer organizer ($10), the little colorful cups on the top shelf ($3), some stacking jars ($1.50), the little blue clothespin ($2 for a pack of 6), and some baking cups that you can't see ($1). Everything else I had on hand.
All I did was group my spices and put them in the corresponding drawer. I used rub on letters to label them. A whole bunch of matching pretty jars would have been nice, but putting them away in a drawer looks just as nice... maybe even less cluttered. Plus, I can pull out the entire drawer instead of pulling out and knocking over all the other spices. I used the 4 stacking twist top jars (from the jewelry section) for some fresh spices I had in baggies. The little jar with the spoon holds some sugar, and that was a thrift store find a while back. I like to use those little cups for holding pre measured spices while I'm cooking. Sometimes its easier to measure them all out before hand. 

Some tips: Push the things you don't use that often toward the back. Use old jars to hold things like garlic cloves. If you have a large pantry, keep your larger seasonings there and just refill smaller containers to keep close to the stove. Group things together so you can find things easier.

Oh, I almost forgot. To keep myself organized, I made a little list with all of the seasonings I like to have on hand. Whenever I run out or get low on a certain spice, I can just check it off. That way I can just look at it whenever its time to make the grocery list.
As a special friday treat for you, I've made it into a free printable! You can get it for yourself here: FREE SPICE CHECKLIST

Well, that's all I have for you today! I hope I've inspired someone to go organize their spice cabinet. I know it was something that bugged me every time I was cooking or baking, but never got the time to fix up... until now!

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Many blessings.

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