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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simon: Three Month Update

Simon turned three months old today! Things have been going pretty well, overall, and I'd say he has grown quite a bit over the last month, especially that head of his! ;)
Simon LOVES - bathtime, sleeping with a blanky covering his eyes, his playmat, watching his sister, his binky, looking at the beams on our ceiling, going for car rides, being outside, and sucking on his fingers.
Simon DISLIKES - tummy time, getting buckled into his carseat
Addie is still doing well with Simon. He is interacting with her more, so she enjoys that. He loves watching her and smiling at her. Addie has been more interested in holding him lately, which lasts all of 10 seconds, but its cute. Not that Simon notices, but Adeline has been a little jealous lately, too.

Breastfeeding is still going really well, and I am so proud to have been at it for 3 whole months. It may not seem like a big deal to those who have done it like a boss for the whole first year +, but after it being such a struggle with Adeline, I am so happy! He is still nursing every three hours, with his last feeding between 9:30-10:30pm. This past week he has also been wanting to eat every three hours at night too..poo poo.
I think he is getting more of a nap routine down throughout the day. I'd like to write down his sleeping patterns for a few days to see when he usually naps. Our nights have been a bit of a nightmare. ha. Not really, I mean, at least he is still sleeping, but he has been waking up every three hours wanting to feed. He doesn't seem to be doing any "longer" stretches at night, the way he used to do. I'm hoping he gets back into a longer stretch of sleep at night, this mama's TIRED!
-Simon has begun to roll over to his side, has hasn't completely rolled over yet though. 
-He has grown out of his rock and play sleeper so we've moved him to the pack and play (still in our room)
-He is doing great at holding up that big noggin' of his!
-When laying under his play mat he reaches for the hanging toys and grabs onto them!
-Tonight Simon laughed for the first time! It was super cute, but of course, when I tried to make him do it again for video, he wouldn't!
-He has outgrown all of his newborn clothes, a few 0-3 months clothes fit him, but he is starting to fit mostly into 3-6 month clothing.
-He can sit in the bumbo now, which is probably nice for him - a whole new view of the world! :)
I am so excited to watch him continue to grow and grow! 

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