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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Freebies: Baby Sling, Carseat Cover, & Nursing Cover.

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We also hope that you had a fabulous Christmas!

I received an e-mail yesterday about getting a free baby sling. All I had to do was pay for shipping! I thought it was worth a go, and ordered one. I ordered through sevenslings. I picked the sling called "Cyrus."
You basically just take a measurement from the top of your shoulder to the top of the alternating hip. I didn't actually do this, I just went off of the size chart that they have on their site. If you would like to get one, too, you can use the code "carseat" for 100% off.

When I purchased the sling, I got a code to order a carseat cover & nursing cover, too. I figured, what the hey, at least I can review them, right? Here is where you can get the carseat cover. And here is the one that I picked, called "reagan." Use the code "seven" for 100% off.
If you would like to get all three, here is the link to the nursing covers. They call them "udder covers," but I'm not sure I like being compared to a cow. Anyway, I picked "jordan." Use the same code "seven" for the 100% off.
I ended up paying about 30 dollars in shipping for all three. Do I think it's worth it? Don't know yet, but  I will once I receive them. I just didn't want you guys to miss out, if you've been wanting to purchase something like this anyway.  Hopefully one of you can take advantage of these promo codes!

Since it is New Year's Eve, does anyone have any big plans? I don't think we have anything special in mind, probably just hanging out with the fam. 

Have a great Tuesday! & Happy New Year!

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