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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WWEW: Bell Pepper & Ranch Wrap

Welcome back to What We Eat Wednesday! As I was prepping for a small road trip, I decided I needed to make some sandwiches for our dinner. For some reason a sandwich just didn't sound good, so I decided to whip up some wraps.

In college, I went through a period of time where I ate a wrap everyday for lunch. I was trying to be healthy, well, healthier than Little Caesar's pizza or Taco Bell. Since I was also dirt poor, I made them with the same few ingredients. So, here is a variation of the wraps I ate (and became very sick of for a long time).

-1 flour tortilla, warmed in the microwave with a wet paper towel
- about 1 Tbs ranch dressing
-4 pieces of ham or turkey lunch meat
-a handful of lettuce leaves, not chopped but not huge
-a handful of sliced bell pepper
-salt & pepper to taste

I layer it like this:
Tortilla, some ranch, meat, lettuce, bell peppers, a bit more ranch down the middle, salt & pepper
Now, just roll it on up as tight as you can, and cut it down the middle. Enjoy!
These are such easy and inexpensive lunches. They're really fulfilling too, more so than a plain ol' sandwich. There are two other wraps I made quite a bit, too. 

1. Cream cheese, turkey lunchmeat, lettuce, and cucumber. I also really like this with feta cheese.
2. If I felt fancy, I'd buy a can of cranberry sauce and make a cream cheese, turkey, lettuce, and cranberry wrap.

I hope you all are having a great week. I'm actually out of town this week, as my Dad is having open heart surgery. Please, keep him in your prayers as he is recovering now. 

Talk to you all again soon,

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  1. I like the sound of these for lunch and your cranberry addition should be put in use with the leftovers at thanksgiving. Great idea.



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