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Friday, November 22, 2013

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: 7 Gifts Under $10

Hey all! I'm back with another Christmas gifts post. I thought I'd put together some options that you can buy, but are under 10 dollars. Not everyone wants to make gifts, and I think this is the way to go if you're tight on money.

First is a gift I actually received one year from a neighbor. I thought it was a really great idea! 

You can get these hand soaps from Bath & Body Works for 3 bucks a pop if you buy 5 of them. And you could pair it with a cute holiday inspired kitchen towel. This one is from Ikea.

Do you have a beauty lover  in you family? If so this might be the perfect gift.
This is a really cute makeup set from Elf. It has eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lip color, and some eyeliner. I've had good experiences with Elf products in the past, and I think this might be fun to just mess around with. Elf actually has a lot more holiday sets out this year, at varying prices.

Anyone who loves tea?
Here are some tea sampler sets from World Market. There is a set of white tea, black tea, and chai tea.

Also, at World Market...
This super cute owl utensil holder. They also have a matching cookie jar, and spoon rest.

Ikea has some cute blankets that are always pretty inexpensive.
These fleece ones come in red, green, and gray. They're kind of festive without being obnoxious.

I always think plants are a good idea, too.
This little set of cacti is already assembled. Plus, they're easy to care for. You could also buy individual succulents and pick out little pots to put them in. 

I have some of these glasses and I love them. I think they would be a really great gift.

This was a fun post to come up with. While I was searching around, I found some really great stuff I might end up getting my family this year. 

I hope you all are doing well. It's getting pretty cold around here, and our trees are losing all of their leaves. I'm not quite ready for the winter yet, but it seems ready to be here. 

Talk to you all soon,
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