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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Dollar Store Utensil Drawer Organization!

Happy Thursday! Guys, I'm about to write the world's shortest blog post. I finally decided to organize my utensil drawer in my kitchen. That thing was a disaster. Could never find what I needed, and stabbed myself looking.

I've had my eye out for a drawer organizer, but seriously, those things can get expensive! Then I remembered I had some leftover packs of white baskets from the dollar store! Lightbulb! These baskets are amazing for so many things, I suggest picking them up whenever you find yourself at the good ol' Dolla Holla.They ended up fitting perfectly in the drawer, and now I'm all organized. Let's hope it will stay this way (*hint hint* dear!).
Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend, and I will talk to you again on Monday!

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  1. I love those baskets! I use them all the time.

  2. Cute! I have a dozen drawers that could use a facelift!!

  3. Thank you, Lish! These things are great for a cheap facelift! :)



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