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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorating + Kid's Festive Breakfast Shenanigans

We were busy getting into the Christmas spirit at our house this past weekend. Daniel went out and picked out our tree, then Addie and I decorated it. She didn't quite grasp the whole hanging ornaments on the branches, and more so just plopped them on the tree, but it was cute to see her try. I also hung our stockings and set out a few more decorations. 
We don't have an actual fireplace, so I hung them on our DIY Apple crate bookshelf!
My little Christmas decorating helper wearing her 
"Bedhead, graphic tee, sippy cup, LET'S DO THIS!" Tee from Shop Jumping Jack
We decided to make some Christmas breakfast, too! Here is what we came up with...
Fun Kid's Christmas Breakfast Ideas - Reindeer Pancakes
We had fun making rudolf/reindeer pancakes the other morning! They are super easy to make and festive, too! I just used frozen mini pancakes, cooked bacon, decorative candy eyeballs, and cut up a strawberry for Rudolph's nose! They turned out pretty cute.
Fun Kid's Christmas Breakfast Ideas - Snowman Pancakes
We made a little pancake snowman, too. For him we used frozen pancakes, bacon for arms, decorative candy eyeballs, whipped cream for snow and a scarf, a strawberry for a hat, and chocolate chips for buttons!
I have seen so many other creative breakfast ideas on pinterest, I just never remember to try them out. Not to mention, its usually early, and im not much of a morning person! Haha. Thanks for stopping by! Do you and your family have any particular Christmas decorating traditions? I'd love to hear about them, comment below :)

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