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Friday, November 14, 2014

Benjamin's 4 Month Update

Another month has passed and our little man is now 4 months old!
At his checkup yesterday, he weighed 15lbs 7.5oz and is 25.5 inches tall. We've definitely noticed him filling out more! His little dimples are more prominent and I just want to squish his chunky thighs! He went down to 50th percentile for height and weight, and is still at 99 percentile for his big ol' noggin.
I feel like he's been gaining a lot more skills recently. He rolled from his back to his tummy, but doesn't do much rolling anymore. I guess he's moved on to bigger and better things! We bought him a bouncer, and he loves it! It has given him much stronger legs and he holds himself up very well. I believe it's really helped with his head control too. He has also started sitting in his high chair during dinner. It's nice to start our family dinners together!
He's been practicing talking, making tons of new sounds. It's adorable to hear him talking to himself. He likes to hear himself squeal and blow little bubbles. He's also been grabbing more toys and playing with them. Most of them end up in his mouth, but he also likes to hold them in front of his face and talk to them. He's been interacting a bit more with the dogs, as well! He laughs when they walk by or stop to give him kisses.
As for sleep, his schedule has changed a bit. He doesn't sleep quite as long of stretches anymore (boo). But still only wakes up once in the night, then again around 6, and falls back asleep until 10 or so. He still sleeps in his Rock & Play, but moves up into bed with me sometime after Daddy gets out of bed. He usually will sleep a couple more hours there! He's been taking 3 naps a day. One around noon, one in late afternoon, and again around 7pm. His first and last nap are pretty short, around 30-40 min. His nap in the late afternoon is usually longer, sometimes 2-3 hours. 
Ben's still nursing, and everything is going well. He still eats every 3 hours, but I can see that he will be moving closer to every 4 hours pretty soon. We'll also start introducing rice cereal! I'm really excited to start giving him some solids!
I started putting Ben in cloth diapers during the day. I'm excited to start this adventure! He seemed to enjoy his first diaper very much, because he decided to take a poo in it (and he's only been going once or twice a week!). I won't be cloth diapering exclusively, only while we're home. I'll use disposables when we're out and about, and also at night time. 
Unfortunately, Ben has gotten his first cold. :( It's so so sad. I hate hearing his little cough, and him struggling to breathe through his nose. Thankfully, due to the breastmilk, I think Ben doesn't have it quite as bad as his Daddy does though! 

Oh, and Ben had his very first Halloween! He was dressed up as a little pumpkin :)
That's about it! Hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much for being so supportive :)
Lots of love,

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