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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds + Online Deals

    We had high hopes yesterday that we would find some awesome deals at our local thrift stores. Neither one of us were quite thrilled with the selection, but we "thrifted" on! We ended up finding a couple of fun things. 
      Two of my favorite finds were these storage jars ($1.99 & $2.99) below and this really cool homemade blue mason jar lamp ($2.99). 

We weren't even sure that the lamp would work, but I found a bulb, plugged her in, and VOILA it worked, so that was a plus. Also, we thought it was cool because you can actually take the lid off and fill it with whatever you'd like. 

Since it is "Thrifty Thursday" and you won't necessarily be able to get the same deals we found at our thrift stores here are some you CAN take advantage of!

 Online Deals:
1. FREE awesome fonts at Lil Luna 
2. FREE Products Monthly at: FreeFlys
3. FREE printable Pantry Labels at: FabnFree

Mommy Deals:
1. Free Breastfeeding Cover-up. You only have to pay Shipping ($12.00)
    Go to: Udder Covers and enter promo code: ENBABY

2. Elmo's Learning Adventure Kit (+free Elmo Backpack) only $5.95 for shipping!
     Go to: Elmo Adventure Kit

I hope you're having a great day,

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