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Small Business Monthly Feature and Giveaways

--We love supporting small businesses!  Here at Orchard Girls Blog, we have decided to do a monthly small business feature. What does this mean? Each month we will feature a new small business/shop/ or brand. We will do this by highlighting your business, talking about what you make/sell, and coming up with creative ways to highlight you and your brand. We will then construct a post all about your business and create great quality images to go along with the content. We are so excited about this new project, and can't wait to work with you!
If you're a small business and would like to be featured, please feel free to contact us through email at
Typically, we'd like to do an honest review of your product AND/OR host a giveaway. We're flexible and will work through all the details once you contact us. 

--What's in in for you?
Orchard Girls Blog has continued to grow since our first post, which was in April of 2013. Here is a current (January 2015) list of the social media we use to promote each of our posts, and the number of followers we have in each:
Facebook (708 "likes")
Google + (226 followers)
Pinterest (802 followers)
Twitter (220 followers)
Instagram (225+ followers)
All together, that is over a 2,000+ people reached with each post!!
Once we write up your feature post about your business we will share it with all of our social media outlets, and promote the images through instagram and pinterest throughout the entire month.

--Current pageview information through Google Analytics for the past month:
(October 8, 2014-November 8, 2014)
 Unique visits for the past month: 45,000
Average daily pageviews: 2,000+

Small businesses we have worked with in the past include:
-Freshly Picked (click HERE to see their feature post)
-Shop Lulu and Roo (click HERE to see their feature post)
-Positively Oakes (click HERE to see their feature post)

We are excited to discover new small businesses, and especially look forward to helping promote and support you and your business! We're can't wait to hear from you!

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