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Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY "Be Adventurous" Nursery Art

I was looking to come up with a few more things to hang in Simon's nursery, but nursery art from the store can be SO expensive. Which is when I decided to come up with this easy and cute DIY nursery art. It isn't perfect, but I love how it turned out and it was fun to make!
-One black poster board (the thicker hard board kind) ($2.00)
-White chalkboard marker (Already had)
- Two frames ($2.00/each)
-Box cutter (or something to cut the black poster board) (already had)
Depending on what size frame you use, cut your board to that size. Using the white chalkboard marker write out your words, and draw your design (I used pencil for this first). Put the board in the frame. There wasn't enough room for the board and the glass in my frames, so I just took the glass out. 
 That's it! Easy, and inexpensive nursery art, made by YOU! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our blog. We appreciate all of our readers, and are so grateful to you. If this is your first time to our blog feel free to follow along with us on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TWITTER, OR INSTAGRAM (KAYLA) (KENZIE)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Benjamin's 5 Month Update

Hello everyone! It's time to do a little update for Benjamin. He's actually 5 months and 1 week old now, but oh well! Better late than never, right? I feel like Ben is growing up so quickly that I need to document everything before I forget. These blog posts help me do that. Ben is giving us the thumbs up, so let's get started!
We haven't had an appointment since Ben's 4 month check up, so I don't have any new stats for him. He will go back at 6 months. I do know that he is growing out of some of his 6 month clothing, but is mostly wearing 6-9 months. I feel like he has been in his 6 month clothing for a while now, so maybe he is slowing down growth wise- which is normal since he started out pretty big!
Ben is still breastfeeding, but has also started eating baby food. He is a champ! He was opening his mouth for the spoon the first time I made rice cereal, and now loves eating all kinds of baby food. He usually finishes a whole thing of baby food, so he is a hearty eater just like his daddy! So far, his favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and prunes. The first whole baby food he finished was prunes and it sure helped get things moving, if yah know what I mean. 
As for other milestones, not much new. He is rolling all over the place and it looks like he is trying to crawl, but hasn't come close yet. He is grabbing more things, like people's glasses off their face. Toys have become much more interesting to him, and he stays occupied with them for much longer periods of time. He also likes to hit the table or your hands, which is adorable. He is still talking a bunch, and is making new and different sounds. He has learned that coughing gets him attention, so he now does the most precious fake cough.

Ben attended his first wedding! My niece was married this last weekend, and we decided to bring Ben along. Thankfully, he was a very well behaved boy. The only time he fussed was when we were trying to put him down for a little nap. Once he had his snooze, he was good to go for the rest of the event! Also, my niece said people kept coming up to her after the wedding telling her how cute Ben was. Always a nice thing to hear!
The only thing we are really struggling with lately is Ben fighting sleep. He will scream and scream to keep himself awake. He was screaming so bad the other night that he burst a blood vessel in his left eye! Let me know if you guys have any tips, I would greatly appreciate it! 

I think that's it! We are super excited for Ben's first Christmas, even though we know he won't remember or "get" what's going on. It will be fun for us as first time parents! We also wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
Lots of love & talk to you all soon!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorating + Kid's Festive Breakfast Shenanigans

We were busy getting into the Christmas spirit at our house this past weekend. Daniel went out and picked out our tree, then Addie and I decorated it. She didn't quite grasp the whole hanging ornaments on the branches, and more so just plopped them on the tree, but it was cute to see her try. I also hung our stockings and set out a few more decorations. 
We don't have an actual fireplace, so I hung them on our DIY Apple crate bookshelf!
My little Christmas decorating helper wearing her 
"Bedhead, graphic tee, sippy cup, LET'S DO THIS!" Tee from Shop Jumping Jack
We decided to make some Christmas breakfast, too! Here is what we came up with...
Fun Kid's Christmas Breakfast Ideas - Reindeer Pancakes
We had fun making rudolf/reindeer pancakes the other morning! They are super easy to make and festive, too! I just used frozen mini pancakes, cooked bacon, decorative candy eyeballs, and cut up a strawberry for Rudolph's nose! They turned out pretty cute.
Fun Kid's Christmas Breakfast Ideas - Snowman Pancakes
We made a little pancake snowman, too. For him we used frozen pancakes, bacon for arms, decorative candy eyeballs, whipped cream for snow and a scarf, a strawberry for a hat, and chocolate chips for buttons!
I have seen so many other creative breakfast ideas on pinterest, I just never remember to try them out. Not to mention, its usually early, and im not much of a morning person! Haha. Thanks for stopping by! Do you and your family have any particular Christmas decorating traditions? I'd love to hear about them, comment below :)
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